We are a Calor gas sales agent

We are a registered sales agent for Calor Gas covering the Greater Manchester area. We stock a wide range of sizes of Calor gas cylinders and consisting of Butane, Propane and Patio Gas. Whether you already have a bottle and simply want a refill or are a completely new customer, we can help.

When using gas bottles to power appliances such as Camping Stoves, BBQs, and heaters you need a pressure regulator to safely connect to the bottle. Used in conjunction with a gas hose and jubilee clips gas bottle regulators supply the appliance with gas at the correct pressure and gas flow rate for safe operation.

There are a few different types of regulator, we stock them all, our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process.

Our range of sizes of Calor gas cylinders:

Propane Gas: 3.5kg, 6kg, 13kg, 18kg & 47kg

Butane Gas: 4.5kg, 7kg &15kg

Patio Gas: 5kg & 13kg

Fork Lift Truck (FLT) Gas: 19kg